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House Underpinning St Albans

Underpinning St Albans, is an approach utilized by engineers to repair and strengthen the structural foundations of homes and commercial buildings by lowering the footing to upsurge the depth and allow the foundation to rest on a highly supportive soil.

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The house foundations begin to weaken when upper floors are added and spaces like basements and cellars are created. It also has become a common practice for houses in St Albans to use underpinning services either as temporary or permanent support.

When do you have to choose St Albans Underpinning?

  • Construction of adjacent or nearby structures in St Albans suburb damages your building structure
  • Soil supporting the neighboring buildings is excavated or removed, leaving your foundation weakened
  • Existing foundation soil cannot resist natural calamities
  • Foundation is not strong or stable

Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning Services Company in St Albans offers excellent customized residential underpinning and commercial underpinning solutions to repair such foundations. Our experienced technical team comprises of structural engineers and geotechnical engineers who can assess the soil composition and capability that supports the structure. Based on the report, our experts decide which type of underpinning solution is suitable for your structure in St Albans.

We have the expertise and experience to offer multiple methods of underpinning that suits both residential and commercial structures in St Albans

  • Mass concrete underpinning method (pit method)
  • Underpinning by cantilever needle beam method
  • Pier and beam underpinning method
  • Mini piled underpinning
  • Pile method of underpinning
  • Pre-test method of underpinning

From foundation repairs, restumping and reblocking to underpinning services, we are the specialists to provide solutions to the structure of a building of any size. We are the leading underpinning contractors in St Albans to apply leading-edge technology and advanced tools to handle the complicated and simple process of restoring the structural integrity of St Albans homes.

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Our experts will help you choose the appropriate remedy if you are planning for the structural work of your St Albans home. We recommend you to hire an experienced and knowledgeable underpinning, restumping and reblocking contractor who can work with structural engineers, geotechnical engineers. They can assess the structure of your house and offer a suitable solution. We make sure our solutions mitigate the negative impact on your property and adjacent properties.

If you are located in St Albans and have concerns about residential underpinning and commercial underpinning, please get in touch with us.

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