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Foundation Repairs Melbourne

Foundation Repair Melbourne - Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning is known for using innovative technology to strengthen your existing structures of Melbourne buildings. Give your building robust support to protect from inside and outside. We have a wide variety of solutions to protect the sinking foundation of homes and commercials.

Approaches for structural repairs Melbourne

Foundations repairs can be performed through restumping, a process used to replace the damaged stumps with new stumps, be it timber, concrete, or galvanized steel. We repair the floors and plaster the cracks caused due to restumping.

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Strengthening and deepening of soil and filling with concrete; dispersal of foundation load on piers, beams and bases; supporting and strengthening soil with mini piling are some of the structural repair methods in underpinning. They are used to make the soil stable and provide sufficient support to the structure.

Foundation Restumping & Underpinning Melbourne !!!

Another method of structural repairs for Melbourne homes is using the Helical Piers approach. It can hold up a home firmly while the soil is being excavated underneath. Offering tension and compression features, helical piers can sit deeper inside the soil.

Beyond this, we fix creaking doors, sloping floors, cracked bricks, plasterwork, and other repairing services for concrete spalling, crack stitching, lintel and arch bar damage, and many more.

Thorough inspection and analysis

We are specialized in foundation repairs in Melbourne and nearby suburbs. Our dedicated technical team understands the challenges your foundation might be combating and we design an appropriate solution to strengthen and enhance the structural integrity.

Our engineers use the most modern computer-assisted laser levelling equipment to level the floorboards after restumping and reblocking. All kinds of house foundation repairs services at Ibcon are carried out by our highly qualified experts without compromising on quality. We source materials from topnotch manufacturers to ensure that the foundation of your home lasts long and durable.

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