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Excellent House Restumping, Underpinning and Foundation Remedial Services Melbourne

Ibcon Reblocking and Restumping Melbourne

We are Melbourne's premier house restumping & Reblocking company!!!

Welcome to Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning Melbourne! We offer an excellent range of Restumping, Reblocking and Underpinning services in Melbourne. We take pride in our workmanship and passionately committed to reinforcing the foundational structure of your home.

We embrace cutting-edge technologies to scan and identify faults/cracks in the foundation that knock-off the balance of a residence. Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning Melbourne use premiere construction materials to strengthen the foundation and offer durability.

We also specialise in house raising, house sliding, house relevelling and digouts.

Most of the houses in Melbourne use wooden or concrete stumps for a foundation. Developing cracks in walls, creaking floors, doors and windows not sticking to frames are some of the signs to show that your house needs restumping and reblocking soon. You can discuss your concerns with us and we begin to assess the stumps to understand which stumps need replacement. We create tailored restumping solutions to suit the wide-ranging climatic conditions of Melbourne. Each house stump is installed to deliver efficient performance and reduced impact from the environment for at least 10 years.

Professional and Guaranteed Reblocking Services Melbourne

Our experienced engineers assess soil conditions and help to know how deep the stumps should go into the soil to construct a robust house in Melbourne. Use of low-quality leads to deterioration and extra costs, we ensure to use high-quality stumps combined with outstanding work to provide long life to your Melbourne homes. Our engineers make sure proper leveling during the restumping process.

We are highly skilled and experienced engineers so you can be confident in the work we do and envisage brilliant solutions that can be reflected in the foundations of your house. Beyond this, we offer foundation repairs to defective stumps to save money and time. However, restumping and reblocking is highly expensive if replace it with galvanized steel stumps to provide exemplary performance.

Complete Package Melbourne

House leveling is necessary to keep your family safe. Our Melbourne contractors can repair foundations, reblock and restump to prevent cracking of the foundation. We offer a complete package of services ranging from reblocking, restumping, underpinning to house leveling at competitive prices.

Our Work Process

Foundation Assessments

Our engineers begin to assess the capability of the soil to analyze its strength as soon as you see wear and tear signs in your building like cracks on walls, smooth floors, hanging doors and windows.

Choose the right solution

Based on the strength of soil and decay of stumps, our experts offer a tailored solution to strengthen the foundation by restumping or underpinning method.


Following diligent assessment and report generation, we provide a free quote to our clients and help them choose the solution that is within their budget.

End-to-end project management

Our technical team ensures to oversee every aspect of the project, from sourcing quality materials to the accomplishment of a project. We assure end-to-end project management for any kind of building in Melbourne.

Our Services

Restumping and Reblocking

Restumping, otherwise known as reblocking, involves removing existing stumps and replacing them with new stumps. Many Melbourne homes have the practice of constructing houses...


Underpinning Melbourne is a method used to repair and strengthen the foundations of a building by lowering the footing to increase the depth and allow it to rest on a highly supportive soil...

Foundation Repairs

Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning is known for using innovative technology to strengthen your existing structures of Melbourne buildings. Give your building robust support to protect...

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Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning Pty ltd

22 Richard St,

Hadfield VIC 3046, Australia.

About Us

Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning Pty Ltd. is an Australian private company established with an aim to provide an excellent workmanship in strengthening the structures and foundations of homes and commercials across Australia.

As an industry leader, Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning Pty Ltd. was founded by Ibrahim Kerhani and is specialized in delivering quality restumping, reblocking, underpinning, and foundation repairs services all over Melbourne. We are licensed and certified service providers in Melbourne. Our objective is to work with licensed builders to oversee all works and provide quality services to a range of clients, whilst assuring integrity, diligence, and adeptness in delivering services at competitive rates. Our approach to foundation problems is innovative, robust and long lasting.

Expert Residential and Commercial Underpinning

Why Choose Us?

  • We make sure that all projects are handled with paramount importance and professionalism.
  • We pride ourselves in using superior quality materials and work with licensed and reputed builders to provide exemplary results.
  • We give attention to detail and ensure that all foundation repair jobs are completed quickly.
  • We use innovative and modern technological tools and solutions to attend to your concerns.
  • Licensed and certified to offer restumping, reblocking, underpinning, and foundation remedial services to Melbourne.

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22 Richard St, Hadfield VIC 3046, Australia.

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