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Restumping and Reblocking Hadfield

We are Hadfield's premier house restumping & Reblocking company!!!

Restumping, also referred to as reblocking. It involves replacing existing stumps with new stumps, known as restumping. It is a practice since ancient days to build houses on timber posts in Hadfield location. These timber posts become the foundation of the houses and are known as “Stumping”.

Due to wear and tear, your house stumps begin to rot, crack, or break, resulting in uneven floors, doors and windows not sticking to the frames properly. Our experts recommend to replace damaged stumps with new stumps to prevent further destruction to your house and make your house structure strong.

House Raising, Lifting, Restumping and Reblocking experts!!

With a talented and skillful personnel, Ibcon Reblocking and Underpinning experts use jacks to accomplish house restumping jobs in Hadfield. Jacks are placed around the damaged stumps to provide support to the floorboards and securely place each stump in the required position. Once the jacks are used for raising the foundation, it needs to be levelled to restore the structural integrity. Our professionals use advanced computer-leveling technology to house levelling and make sure stumps are precisely placed in to the bearings.

Reasons to Hire House Restumping Specialist Hadfield?

A few signs homeowners need to be careful of are:

  • Crooked or creaking floor indicates that floors are uneven and stumps are settled
  • Foundation shifts and pinholes are visible in welds indicating house needs house restumping
  • We have the skills, experience and resources to handle a piano of any size and shape
  • Finding cracks in walls requires immediate attention as your house can sink
  • Doors and windows fail to shut properly into frames and due to failing foundation

Concrete Restumping Hadfield House

House restumping can be long process, whether it is concrete, timber, or steel stumping. You require a team of professionals to lift the floorboards, examine the damaged stumps. We place a jack near the damaged stump, and replace with a new stump. We ensure that house levelling is carried out after the reblocking process. Because of restumping process, entire house can experience the impact, resulting in cracks and uneven floors. We are experts in providing foundation repairs in Hadfield to repair creaking doors, sloping floors, cracked bricks, plasterwork and a lot more.

Specialists House Restumping in Hadfield

Ibcon is expert in providing tailored concrete underpinning and concrete restumping services at cost-effective prices. Are you looking for a budget-friendly solution? Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss about restumping options for Hadfield house.

Excellent House Restumping, Underpinning and Foundation Remedial Services Hadfield

Why Choose Us?

  • We make sure that all projects are handled with paramount importance and professionalism.
  • We pride ourselves in using superior quality materials and work with licensed and reputed builders to provide exemplary results.
  • We give attention to detail and ensure that all foundation repair jobs are completed quickly.
  • We use innovative and modern technological tools and solutions to attend to your concerns.
  • Licensed and certified to offer restumping, reblocking, underpinning, and foundation remedial services to Hadfield.

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22 Richard St, Hadfield VIC 3046, Australia.

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